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Are you heating the neighborhood?

Drafts and improper insulation application can make any season costly and uncomfortable

Any house can be energy efficient.

New technology and materials can make any house a weather-tight haven

Get Your Home Energy Audit

EQUINOX Home Energy Audits & Weatherization Company

Whether your home is 100 years old or new construction, our goal as a company is to target how we can convert it to a modern level of energy efficiency.

Equinox is a family owned local business that provides weatherization services & evaluates home energy efficiency. We offer many services that can reduce your energy consumption & costs such as: insulation, air sealing, duct sealing. Because we're a small company, we can assure a high quality and dependable service.

We are part of State and Federal programs looking to reduce our nation usage of fossil fuel and overall energy consumption.

The incentives and rebates make this something that all homeowners looking for cost savings should consider!

Great improvements can be made to most homes

Are you struggling to keep your home warm enough during the winter, or cool in the summer? Your home is supposed to protect you from the effects of sunlight, heat, cold, precipitation, and wind, but many homes lack some of the most basic tools to make them perform correctly. Insulation and air circulation within the  homes' interior is dependent upon many variables and can be working against you, making it impossible to maintain a good temperature inside. Contact us to perform an energy audit on your home and  provide you with Energy Star approved products.

Home Weatherization

Whether your home is old or new, most likely you can get a huge reduction of your home energy costs by having it properly weatherized.

Weatherization Retrofitting Services

Thermal Imaging

Infrared imaging is a high-tech way to identify trouble spots in your home. The benefits of running this test can produce immediate savings.

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Home Energy Audits

At Equinox Weatherization, we provide thorough energy audits for the homeowner to find where your leakage is occurring and how to stop the loss

Energy Audit Services